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healthcare remittance processingHealthcare Remittance Automation

Boost cash flow, cut denied claims, reduce costs


TMR’s medical payments processing solution gives your organization the tools to efficiently manage the complex revenue cycle. We integrate our CITATION image capture and payment system with a proven Healthcare Revenue Cycle management solution. CITATIONeasily manages the processing of huge amounts of associated data that has become one of today's most labor-intensive and costly back-office functions for healthcare facilities.


Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and their electronic equivalents Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA) vary by insurance provider, forcing you to
create different posting rules from one insurance payer to the next.


TMR consolidates electronic healthcare data into a standardized reconciled posting file for your medical practice.

By removing the headache of handling complex healthcare payment transactions, physician groups, hospitals, walk-in clinics, and other medical providers can focus on providing quality care. You reduce the workload on your accounting staff and ensure accuracy in billing and speed of remittance for your services.



Maintain Tight Control 

While you give up extra work, you don’t give up control. CITATION provides transaction data each day, with access to your payment information 24/7 via a secure website. You get the benefits of dual audit control, preventing misuse of your funds.

TMR has partnered with industry experts to ensure you receive the highest level of service, HIPPA compliance, speed of payment and improved cash flow.


Robust Medical Payment Management

  • Converts all remittances received as paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) to ANSI 835s for automated posting to healthcare practice management systems
  • Consolidates the EOBs with Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) in one central, online repository for reporting capabilities
  • Combines diverse insurance reconciliation forms into a single, easy-to-read standardized format
  • Saves research time using online archive for all transactions
  • Reduces A/R days
  • Frees staff from redundant tasks

Designed To Fit Your Facility’s Needs

  • Have payments mailed to TMR’s secure processing center
  • Scan transactions at your office or
  • contact us to be connected to one of our banks in 34 states across the country!

Operates With Your Bank - Or We Can Suggest Banks


CITATION™ generates a Check 21 deposit file used by all banks, so our solutions work regardless of where you bank. Remote scanning capabilities mean your customers make their co-payments locally, to be processed at our facility in Altamonte Springs, FL. We also work with great community banks in 34 states that would be happy to earn your relationship. Contact us to find out about banks in your area.



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